I am using Dr. Horton’s reading plan for my Bible reading right now. I started about 40 days ago and have missed a few days so yesterday was day 35.

I was in Mark chapter 7 which quotes a lot from Isaiah and my commentary pointed out many would recognize the words and quotes he used as being from Isaiah 35, which of course was the next chapter in my reading plan 🙂

The words he quotes are about people with hard hearts who refuse to hear the truth and turn. I have a few friends I pray for almost daily because their hearts are turned away from God and I want them to know Him and love Him and live for Him so when they die they will be with Him (and me).

Is it possible? They seem pretty stuck where they are and confident of their position. But with prayer, all things are possible. So I keep praying and reminding God of my love for these people. He listens and in His own time He will do whatever He has decreed from the beginning of time. But for now, He has put these people on my heart and instructed me to pray for them, so I do.

This morning at Bible Study where we’re studying A Loving Life by Paul Miller (as you probably remember), we were talking about how Ruth felt when she turned her back on her homeland to follow Naomi and Naomi’s God. I pointed out that sometimes “hesed” love is difficult and takes effort to make that sacrifice and even better, not moan about the sacrifice.

But sometimes we love that person so much that we do all kinds of big things without feeling any sacrifice at all. Our love covers over any feelings of losing out or making an unfair exchange. Maybe Ruth loved Naomi (and God) that much.

Thanks for checking in.

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