Monday’s word is Home.

And Tracie Miles had her blog hopping Friday with these prompts.

  • Peace is not a matter of life or circumstances, it’s a matter of the heart
  • Whether we want to admit it or not, we need God. We simply cannot do it alone.
  • The disease of stress cannot be ignored, because in the worst case scenario, doing so could have fatal consequences.
  • He gives strength to those who grow tired and increases the strength of those who are weak. Isaiah 40:29 (GW)

I love this week’s prompts. My favorite topic is self-sufficiency. Because I suffer from it, BIG TIME. I always take off full speed ahead on my own schedule because I think I’m self-sufficient. I found a word in The Marrow last year, non-sufficiency. Not only am I insufficient, which I struggle with as it is. But I actually come with deficits, deficiencies, weaknesses, that make me non-sufficient. I need Him just to exist. He gives me my every single breath. And I screw things up with my sin every time, even when I get it right I didn’t get it perfect.

So get your heart right, realize you can’t do anything on your own. And realize, too, that He wants you to turn to Him. To depend on Him for everything! Pray without ceasing is a good clue that He is fine with our calling on Him all the time.

As for stress, it is a disease and can get out of control. But if you rest in Christ and rely on Him to handle events while you just go about your duties, being obedient, then you will have much less stress. And that’s what Tracie’s book is about, the stressed-less life. We should all strive for that.

He will give you strength when you are tired and weary. In fact, sometimes, He may just tell you to get some sleep or get away for some rest.

I have some rest coming up.. Our annual women’s beach retreat for church is coming up. I have two high school friends coming, too! And I’m working on the Bible Study. It will be such a wonderful time of rest and recuperation, even if I do have to work the TPN bag every night. (Leigh will be there, she’s a nurse and can take care of some of the steps if I need her to.) When will you get some rest and what can you say No to and what should you say Yes to? Reduce your stress, increase your dependence!

What does any of this have to do with home? Well, I think we are our most self-sufficient in the home or doing home chores and duties. And I know that I’ve spent a lot of time in my home the past few months and He has dealt very well with my self-sufficiency. Cancer and the things that come with it are BIG. Bigger than anything I can deal with. I’ve had to turn the event of my death over to Him. Whatever His timing is. Same with Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability. I fill out the forms and send them in, He controls what happens next. All while sitting at my kitchen table at home.

(I’m publishing this one early o I can get on Tracie’s blog hopping links)

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