What a great topic for a Sunday. I’m writing this on Saturday since I will be busy or resting on Sunday. Church, then a holy nap after lunch, then choir rehearsal makes for a full day.

Rest makes me think of the wilderness. Because God promised to bring His people in from the wilderness into His rest. At the time it was the land of Israel, with crops already planted and houses already built. And the people refused to go.

But eternally His rest is eternal life with Him. If we trust in Him, that is where we are going.

For today, it means we can rest in Him. We can turn to Him with all our questions and problems and He will listen and provide wisdom (James says so).

So, today and the rest of this week, Rest in Him. Turn to Him constantly (pray without ceasing, Paul says so) and He will hear you and be with you. That’s why the Holy Spirit is given to all believers, so God is present 24/7/365. There is no moment when God is not with you and taking care of all the little and big details of your life. Trust Him with all of it.

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