I’m an introvert so a bit of silence does this heart good. But I usually don’t spend enough time in silence. The cancer has changed things. I’ve turned into a cat. Sit me in a sunny spot and I’ll just sit there and stare with no thoughts or concerns. I used to ask Anthony what he was thinking and he’d say “nothing” and I couldn’t even conceive of that. I am always thinking about something. But now I get it, I can do the thinking about nothing thing too.

But true silence is waiting for the Lord to speak. Resting in Him, not worrying or rushing off anywhere. And trust that He’ll guide us. And sometimes that means waiting in silence.It can be a long silence, while you go about daily living. Or a short silence as he brings a verse to mind.

Sometimes the silence is so intense it feels like God has turned His back on you. The psalmists often cried out why are you hiding from me Lord. So they are familiar with the feeling. But know that He is always present and there is a reason He has withdrawn His felt presence. Trust Him, keep reading the Word, obeying, and praying. He will “come back” to you.

It’s so easy to write these word, so different to live them out and trust them and believe them in your heard and your head.I put the truth here to remind you, to give ou a place to go to remember. Not to condemn you for not being silent (we all struggle to slow down). Know that this is an encouragement.

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