God comes sometimes as a whisper. Good news sometimes comes as a whisper during some event. How do we hear and respond to whispers? I can’t help but think of the telephone game where the message at the end of the line of children bears little resemblance to the message that started at the beginning. We can misinterpret, not hear clearly, not get the same voice inflections to give us clues. It can be hard to discern a whisper.

The world is noisy. I was at a McDonald’s yesterday and all the beeps and clanks and machines made it very very noisy. I had never noticed how noisy a McDonald’s is before. But I could not imagine sitting there to work or do something that required concentration. If someone had whispered in that McDonald’s, no one would have heard them.

My voice is in some range that people apparently have trouble hearing. I have had waiters not even acknowledge my existence, my husband needs hearing aids just to hear me (and other things in that range). He’s having trouble conducting conversations. Add that to his absent-mindedness and it’s rather comical how he enters conversations with no idea we just covered that whole thing. It will be nice when he can hear again.

In fact, he may be able to hear better than me when he gets them. It will filter out extraneous noise so he can focus on just the sound he wants. He may be able to hear a whisper in McDonald’s after this. I cannot.

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