I can’t publish this post until Wednesday.

One of my good friends had a golden retriever named Crash. And he was good at crashing into things and getting into trouble, but also adorable and sweet. He died a few years ago and she has wanted to replace him every since, but the husband said no. Finally Bill has relented and Nate has bought a golden puppy. She is so adorable. We all call her “the baby” because we are waiting for Nate to drive the baby down to Florida to meet Beth (surprise!)

I am so happy for Beth. And happy for the baby, she’s getting a good home. We’ll be down in FL in February but the baby will be so big by then. It will still be fun to see the baby.

She’s learned to climb our stairs and to come down then (much harder). She’s messed her cage a few times, but mostly been a good girl. Nate has lost a lot of sleep taking care of the baby. Hannah has spent her fair time with the baby. We’ll all miss her terribly when she goes home to Florida. She is so sweet.

But Nate will get to sleep all night long if he wants, and Beth will be thrilled to have a baby to take care of love and watch grow into her paws.

Ok, off to schedule this one to show up later this week!


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