I love this title. It fits with what I wanted to write about anyway. My life has become one of “perhaps I’ll do that today” because there’s just no telling.

Yesterday, Monday, I got up with all my plans. Strides at 9:00, a bird bath, then the home care nurse and then work on the beach stuff. Ha! Best laid plans. Don’t tell God what you are going to do 🙂

I got up and got ready for strides but kept procrastinating getting out of the door and then when I finally get there, one of our housemates is parked behind me. That was it, apparently I don’t want to go, so I didn’t go to Strides. Turns out that was a blessing because a former housemate was visiting and we got to catch up with him on what he’s been doing, how we are doing, etc. It was a really great time of visiting.

Then I drank some milk and got cold from the inside out, so I decided to heat up some towels and lie down on the couch to wait for the nurse. She didn’t come for 2 hours and I slept most of that time.

So, home healthcare nurse visit is done, what do we do? Well, let’s just lie down on the couch again for a few minutes, which meant until time to go to the deacon meeting. I did make the deacon meeting and take minutes. But I bailed on the budget meeting after that. 1.5 hours was all I could handle. I was ready to come home.

Hehe, so I have plans for today and tomorrow and we’ll see how they work out, I am getting my workout in right now though. At least I’ll have a reason to be tired later. 🙂

So, the phrase of the year is “perhaps I’ll do that today”. Like claim for work and ask my manager if I should return my PCs.

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