Hm… write about the beach trip or do a study in Revelation? I just spent more time than intended o the word hope in the Bible.

Beach trip – in one week I will be feeling the wind and hearing the ocean and looking at the sea and surrounded by women I love dearly and who love me. I always love the beach trip. We spend time in the word. We spend time laughing. We spend time working puzzles or walking. And we do a lot of talking. I always feel I know these women better after a trip to the beach. We have some new members coming this year which is great, it’s the best way to solidify names/faces and get to know people intimately. That carries over to circle and church back home.

We pray for each other and we pick on each other and we love each other the whole weekend. Everyone is great about interacting with everyone, no cliques form. We have very few who avoid the interaction, there’s just no point in coming if you are going to do that.

Now, about that sea in Revelation 🙂

Rev 15:2

And I saw what appeared to be a sea of glass mingled with fire—and also those who had conquered the beast and its image and the number of its name, standing beside the sea of glass with harps of God in their hands

Jamiesson Fausset say:

glass– Answering to the molten sea or great brazen laver before the mercy seat of the earthly temple, for the purification of the priests; typifying the baptism of water and the Spirit of all who are made kings and priests unto God

New Testament Commentary says:

The glass sea symbolizes perspicuity and transparency, so that everyone is able to observe God’s righteousness and integrity. Thus, the saints in heaven see God’s wisdom in action. They are the overcomers who have resisted following the beast, refused to worship his image, and rejected the number of his name


Rev 4:6

and before the throne there was as it were a sea of glass, like crystal

Reformation Study Bible says:

the sea of glass pictures waters subdued under God’s power. Moreover, the extent and beauty of the crystal- like sea, when taken together with the precious stones in v. 3 and Rev 21:18- 21, suggest the magnificence and preciousness of God’s throne. The numerous parallels elsewhere with the temple (Rev 4:2 note) might suggest that this sea is the heavenly counterpart of the sea in Solomon’s temple (1Ki 7:23- 25). Finally, the picture of heavenly water might suggest that God faithfully supplies water from heaven (Dt 11:11)

The ES Study Bible Notes say:

It is the “floor” of heaven and the “ceiling” of the created universe, and its transparent tranquility shows heaven’s peace in contrast to earthly turmoil

The Life Application Study Bible says:

Glass was very rare in New Testament times, and crystal- clear glass was virtually impossible to find (see 1 Corinthians 13:12). The “sea of glass” highlights both the magnificence and holiness of God

So, it may represent the sea that was in the temple, which would make sense. God might fashion the earthly temple after His template in heaven.

And it’s a window into and out of heaven. We can see God’s integrity and actions, and the Saints and God can see the world.

I like the one about showing the peace of heaven in contract to the turmoil of earth. We are i a lot of turmoil these days, and that peace is available to us as we “hope” in God’s promises and strengthen our faith to believe what He has said is true.

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