Friday post

I missed this yesterday. Someone else had the key word Bacon. I did post this link showing that bacon isn’t as carcinogenic as other things. The WHO just states if it is a carcinogenic, they don’t post about the relativity of how carcinogenic it is. Bacon is not very carcinogenic. And uncured bacon is even better.

But bacon is yummy. After reading that report the other night, Anthony cooked some bacon to eat. 11 slices later, we were happy people. It’s just yummy.

Other things that are yummy – my aunt’s cheese straws. People, traffic should stop for those cheese straws. She has the perfect recipe and has found the perfect shape so they are toasty all around and so so yummy! Then she brought me skins from a barbecue place. Boy were those good. Now to find somewhere around here that offers those.

We also have Thanksgiving coming up so we’re all starting to think about recipes. We have Mom, Aunt Elaine, Don, Kate and a friend coming to stay a day or two before and the night of our celebration on Saturday 11/21. We actually have enough beds in various rooms around the house. It will be tons of fun!!!

November, here we come!!!

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