My ostomy

While it pains me to say I’m thankful for this pain in the rear, I do have to admit it saved my life so I am grateful to Dr. Jerby and the ileostomy (Lobelia Baggins) and the fistula. They have allowed me to eat and stay alive. Although the TPN has provided most of the nutrition in the past months. But if I had kept throwing up and refusing to digest my food, I wouldn’t have lasted long on this earth. That stupid tumor (hear Schwarzenegger saying that) was pushing on both the large intestine/colon, and the small intestine, so nothing was getting through.

Ah, but I now have my lovely ileostomy and fistula to allow things to pass. And for that I am grateful. Although I’ll also be grateful for the appointment to try to reverse them! (hint hint to God and Dr. Jerby and the universe. 🙂


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