Task list for 2015-11-01

I want to start listing some todos. Weekly or monthly. I am late this week so I’ve already done a few of these.


  • Send minutes to Heidi to print

Women’s Ministries

  • Get keys for Synodical Hall to Barbara?
    • Email to Barbara to see if she can meet Anthony
    • Will she get them to the next Secretary?

Spiritual Goals

  • Read Knowing God by Packer
  • Read 2 chapters of Unglued (1&2)
  • Read 2 chapters of A Loving Life (11&12)
  • Prep beach Bible study (we’re getting close, I have to get this done. I decided to organize sheets today instead.)

Marriage Goals

  • Date morning
  • Gratitude
  • Devotions at night

Homemaking Goals

  • organize sheets


  • P90X3 x 5 d;ys
  • Quit Strides

Personal Goals

  • Medical bills called on
  • IBM packet arranged
  • TPN come early for beach trip
  • NaNoWriMo writing – I’m on schedule!
  • Blog goals
    • #30DaysofLittleThings
    • other posts
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