Montessori Furniture: How to Create the Best Environment for a Child

At all times, children have lived in comfortable for adults homes. Even children's rooms have always been arranged to be easier and more comfortable for parents to take care of the child. The kids had to adapt to these realities. Does this state of affairs contribute to the development of children?

Unfortunately no. According to the famous educator Maria Montessori, children's rooms should be equipped according to the needs of children, not adults. This is the only way to help children realize their spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical potential.

According to Montessori's teaching, a child is born an independent person with great potential. He is initially ready to learn and develop himself. The task of an adult is to create an environment that helps his abilities to open up. The montessori furniture helps make the nursery the best ambiance for kids to develop.

The principles of Montessori pedagogy

There are some tips for parents when creating a room with Montessori furniture:

  • The nursery should be decorated in a minimalist style. The simpler the decoration, furniture, and decor, the better. It is necessary to protect the child's senses from unnecessary stress. The room should be spacious enough.
  • The room should be minimalistic but not empty or lifeless. The aesthetic component is necessary. First, it is required to form a sense of beauty in the child. Secondly, beautiful things attract children, stimulate their interest.
  • Kids' interests should be put at the forefront. You should choose a theme that the kid is passionate about for decor. Maybe it will be animals, plants, vehicles, or fairy-tale heroes — the main thing is that the crumbs' eyes shine.
  • It is necessary to provide the child with the opportunity to pick clothes, books, toys independently. All this should be arranged so that the little owner not only sees the objects but can also quickly get them out.

Play area in the nursery

When planning a nursery with Montessori furniture, setting aside a play area where little ones can play freely is essential. Most often, it is placed in the center of the room. A small bright carpet will help to separate the play area. When the child grows up, in ​​creativity and play, you can place an easel and a table with a chair.

There are some primary rules for decorating a nursery, according to Montessori. For instance, it is important to use only natural materials. Furniture is picked exclusively from wood, for example, from plywood from alder, coniferous, maple.

Curtains for the nursery should be chosen from linen or silk, or even leave the window without decor altogether so that as much sunlight as possible enters the room. The carpet should be made of wool or cotton. To instill a love of beauty from childhood, pictures with landscapes or images of insects, birds, animals can be hung on the wall.