The New Me, week 2


I had a very good week! I did my Egoscue, SparkPeople Bootcamp strength training and cardio (elliptical or yoga) every single day (except Sunday, my day of rest, when I ring quartet handbells and normal handbells covering 2 positions – a bit of a workout right there).

I also ate well, until I spent Sunday evening hanging out with a few friends and got into the peanut brittle after eating a grilled cheese sandwich.

The exciting part is that 3 of those days I even got up early and worked out first thing in the morning (more convenient in a number of ways, but hard to do at 5:45am).

I did NOT do that this morning, but I have time to work something in before the day is over.

Here’s to another good week!

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2 Responses to The New Me, week 2

  1. Becky Sue says:

    VERY impressive start! WaaaHOO!!

    Becky Sue’s last blog post..The New Me Challenge

  2. Way to go, Laura! Sounds like you had an awesome week too. I think it’s ok to have a treat on the weekend. I did, too! Popcorn and peanut M & M’s at the movies! LOL Keep up the great work!

    Dana @ Cherry Soup’s last blog post..The New Me Challenge – Week 2

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