New Me Week 4

Time flies. This week went really well, considering I missed a few days.

The facts: I missed Monday and Friday, completely. No Egoscue, no cardio, no strength training. Eating was fair but only because I don’t have crap in the house.

I did get all my pieces and parts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. That’s good, but it isn’t the best part.

The best part is that when I skipped my workout Friday I missed it! I was bummed that I couldn’t fit it in that day and would have to wait until Saturday.

And there’s an even better part. The 3 weekdays that I worked out, I actually got up at 5am! (Well, 5:12 is more like it.)

While browsing blogs early this week I came across a link to an old post about the 5:00 club. It isn’t anything new or ground breaking. It’s just honest and real. Working out in the afternoon/evening is very prone to being displaced because too much life happens then. Either a late meeting gets scheduled, a deadline looms, a friend wants to do dinner. Even if it isn’t unplanned, there is just the fact that fitting in dinner for the family and working out nowhere near a mealtime before bedtime is hard.

So, I decided last week that I would have to work out in the mornings. But doing that means getting up early. It’s winter – that makes it cold and dark, not my favorite environment for getting up early. Last week I was trying to get up at 6am. I skipped Thursday and almost skipped Friday because I pushed the snooze button a few times and tried to talk myself into getting up but then by 6:20 I would be saying “Now I can’t fit in the whole workout before I have to start work, there’s no point in getting up.” See that, I just talked my way out of a workout.

Then it happened again on Monday. That makes a pattern which leads to a habit, the wrong habit. Sooooo, I set my alarm for 5am Tuesday. I had clothes out to change into, and anything else that could possible derail me or discourage me enough to stay in bed I took care of the night before. I hit snooze once, and then I just did it. I got up, worked out, showered, and then sat down at my desk with enough time for a quiet period reading the Bible and praying! Amazing how that works.

I may have annoyed Anthony and Connor a bit this week because by time they finally started moving around, I had been up for 3 hours and in a very productive mood. I wasn’t asking them to be productive, I was just working around the house making productive noises and satisfied sounds were coming from my soul.

There is a downside to this. Getting up at 5am means I am not staying up until 11pm. Anthony is trying to adjust to this new schedule where I shut everything down, prep the house for the next day, and then disappear a bit earlier than before.

He’ll get used to it. It’s the New Me!


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