I try to be honest in these posts. I hope I don’t claim to be holier than I am, but I do strive to cooperate in my sanctification and I want to be holier. Somedays I admit it is more that I want to want to be holier. But I also know that I have received strength and comfort and peace in amazing abundance and I seek to share that.

But to be perfectly honest, there are moments (rare, thankfully) when I doubt. Who hasn’t heard the world clamoring and had that little voice say “what if none of it is real?” What if there is no God, no heaven, no sovereign protecting and guiding history?

I was talking to a friend about the inevitability of death and that mine may not be that far off. She immediately responded that sometimes she has that little niggling doubt that God is real. But then she looks around at creation and is reassured that something that complex and beautiful has to have a Creator.

I love that she 1. knew that I would also be tempted and tortured by that same doubt, and 2. had a ready response for that doubt. She comforted me with the comfort with which she has been comforted. (I’ve always loved how that verse just admits sometimes only one word will do, repetition isn’t always bad. 🙂

My treatment is to immediately pray a prayer of gratitude for all the benefits God has lavished upon me. The doubts quickly disappear when I overwhelm them with praise and gratitude.

Do you have a plan of attack for those moments when doubt pokes its ugly head up?

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