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Memoir – Routines

The Homeschool Blog Awards Memoir entry for today is routines. HA! Ha Ha Ha! I say I do have a schedule that I set up in HST Plus. We haven’t gotten into that routine yet. I’m still working to convince … Continue reading

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First week homeschooling

Whee, homework mostly done, study group went well. Work is through until tomorrow. Let me catch up on my blogging while I can. We started last week. I had a couple of plans through the summer. Start him right in … Continue reading

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Phoenix Academy dorm room door!

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Memoir – all about me

I came across a link to Homeschool Memoirs and a new way to use blogs for homeschoolers to relate. The first one was Aug 20, write about myself, how long I’ve been homeschooling and why. Actually, they specifically refer to … Continue reading

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School has started!

Yesterday was our first day. It went pretty well. This week is “start whenever you get up” and that means that he gets up, makes his lunch and starts his day. Yesterday he went for a walk between lunch and … Continue reading

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Homeschooling and working

My husband and I both admit we originally didn’t consider homeschooling because we both work. But desperation over the amount of time I spent working with a child in public school convinced me that homeschooling couldn’t be more work, just … Continue reading

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Home school lesson plans

I pulled a Word template for creating a lesson plan per subject from another blog. And it is a great format. She also had a great one already done for the Apologia General Science that does a great job of … Continue reading

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The Phoenix Academy

We have a name for the home school. Rick and Connor talked it over, and found this really neat poster. They vote for Phoenix Academy and Rick then came up with a few logo samples. I’ve got the NC form … Continue reading

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Tentative curriculum

So, after all my changes and tweaking, what am I thinking about using for Connor? Math – either Teaching Textbooks or Videotext Algebra. Posts are even on either side. Some love TT and hate VT, others love VT and didn’t … Continue reading

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Another week

Hard to believe a whole week has gone by. I’ve been busy perusing the home school curriculum websites and the Well Trained Mind forum. I’ve changed and tweaked my curriculum every day. On top of that, Rick calls me every … Continue reading

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