What works for me (Thursday Timesaver)!

I don’t know if I’ll come up with a Wordless Wednesday this week. But I do have a What Works for Me. It also counts as a Thursday Timesaver so I’m covering 2 days of the week this way.

As I hang around the Well Trained Mind forum and go nosing around for Homeschool stuff, I have come across a ton of blogs that I like to keep up with. My bookmarks folder in Firefox for blogs has gotten quite full and it is now a chore to check each one during the week to see who has updated their blog. Of course, I could subscribe to each blog (at least most of them offer that option) but I don’t want it coming into my mailbox. I am a clean inbox type and the pressure of all those emails would adversely affect me. I mentioned this to Anthony and he recommended the Google Reader. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it and warm up to it. I still could make some aesthetic recommendations, but in general I like the functionality. At first I was concerned when it asked for the user name for the blog (that isn’t always obvious). But I finally just tried pasting in the url and that worked. So, I did that 61 times. Today I was able to easily see what blog entries I had not read and catch up right there in the reader. I can click on the blog entry and it opens a new tab with the blog up so I can add comments, read comments, etc…

Now you know, it’s what works for me.

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