Wordless Wednesday

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5 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Melissa says:

    I like your method for hanging the maps and keeping the markers handy!

  2. Chucki the Parrothead says:

    Great maps.

  3. Great idea!

  4. lauranav says:

    Thanks. I had the maps but couldn’t figure out how we’d get them all on the wall and still be able to reach them. The plan is to put the complete map, with all the information in it, down below on another piece of wood. That may happen this weekend. My husband came up with this idea of using the 3 bolts in the wall and the wire between and then clips to hold the stuff on.

  5. Wonderful idea! Now that we are another week into the school year I have decided my school room needs and overhaul. I may have to use this. Thanks for sharing!

    Patricia in WA
    Happy WW

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