Weekly Report (late)

Life got busy last week. But here’s my weekly report.

Math – he completed 3 lessons in Life of Fred. I can’t tell if he’s liking it or not yet

Writing – he completed Assignment 3 in the IEW Ancient History writing.

Kingfisher – he read the 2 pages and wrote a short essay on cuneiform and one on ziggurats, along with a picture. His writing is pretty good. (I ordered TRISMS this week, we’ll see if that works better)

Vocabulary A – he finished lesson 2 and did very well this time. (He wasn’t really trying with lesson 1)

Grammar – he looked over the list of prepositions and wrote some sentences using them, this week we begin the Easy Grammar Plus workbook

Literature – he says he read Gilgamesh. We’ll go over that again this week

Free reading – he read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and enjoyed it. I explained to his dad that I would like to see him read more just to get the habit of reading and understand that you can start a book with words you don’t understand (either because it’s sci-fi, fantasy, or older) and lots of characters you don’t know and if you stick with it you will start to understand the words (either check a dictionary or use context) and know the characters. His dad asked if I meant the classics. I said “I’ll take care of the classics” I just want him to get some reading under his belt. So this weekend, his dad bought him a book. Pretty cool.

That’s in for now.

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  1. corefoundations says:

    Cool. Sounds like you are doing great (especially with all that’s going on)! I’m impressed.

    Just out of curiousity, where’d you get the pretty banner? I’m thinking of doing something similar this year. Assuming it doesn’t wear me out (writing for 4 boys. . .).

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