Plans this week

I want to re-read At Home in Mitford for the 3 Moms Book Nook.

I want to read The Grand Weaver and write a review. This was a book read and reviewed by 5 Minutes for Books.

Of course, along with this I’ll finish reading Getting to Yes for Negotiation class, watch the Columbia’s Final Mission video for Leadership, think through the scenario for Negotiation, and read and do homework for Decision Analysis.

Our budget meeting for the deacons is tonight so I’ll be there for a few hours.

I have been way too lax on my weekends, actually treating them like weekends. I told Anthony last night that this has to stop. I have to use my time for homework like I did the first few semesters. (I also need to stop spending so much time reading and writing blogs.) There are only 13 weeks left and I just have to buckle down to get it done.

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3 Responses to Plans this week

  1. Cool. If you wait two weeks, you can post your review of the Grand Weaver in our I Read It! carnival at 5 Minutes for Books.

  2. Tracy P. says:

    Hi Laura! You are sure a busy gal…and starting a new blog besides! My hat’s off to you.

    I wanted to come by and say thanks for visiting The Journey last week on my SITS day. I’ve been taking my time getting around to return all the love so I can hang out and enjoy all these great bloggers. Tons of food for thought around here!

    Blessings to you and yours!

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