Home again to Mitford

We’re on to chapter 13 now. Olivia and Father Tim are talking about Hoppy and how he’s acting since learning about Olivia’s condition. The weather is fowl and Father Tim is finally ready to get his car running again after 8 years of not driving.

Father Tim is searching the church bottom to top. His Bible has been missing for weeks and he wants it back. He smells Chicken Noodle Soup, most of the extra food in the basement is gone, and he found a chocolate bar wrapper in the attic. But he found ways to explain it all away.

Hoppy is fired up that he can’t just sit by and do nothing for Olivia. He, Father Tim, and God are going to team up to look for a transplant that will keep Olivia alive.

Father Tim goes to visit Homeless Hobbes and they have a nice talk while Homeless makes dinner for them. It is good to have someone you can level with. A very refreshing visit, marred only by Barnabas’s reaction to the car driving down the road on the way home.

The police call with some interesting stolen jewelry news and now want to inspect the candy wrapper from the attic. And the traveling businessman calls with a very different perspective on life!

Today we met Absolom Greer, the pastor of Harold’s church where Emma is getting married. They have a wonderful time of fellowship and understanding as two men of the cloth. Just as it ends we learn that Absolom proposed to Miss Sadie once!

Cynthia came to dinner! What a homey comfortable time.

Father Tim is worried that Andrew is involved with the stolen jewels transported in hollow table legs to furniture stores.

Olivia is very sick and now in the hospital. Time to wait to see if a transplant is available.

While Father Tim is praying before his sermon, the stairs to the attic descend and a man walks down them to make a confession. The crime is the small part of it. The faith and intimacy with God are what will last.

Barnabas has been snatched by a car driving past. They accused Father Tim of taking their dog. But Baranabas didn’t seem eager to go with them.

They baptized George Gaynor, the thief that was living in the belfrey. And the paper is going to run a picture of Barnabas.

Seems people all over the county are sending shoes and foot for George Gaynor. Now they are starting a collection for a reward for Barnabas.

It’s Maundy Thursday, a quiet and sad service. I always like our Maundy Thursday service. It feels weird though, to walk out of the church and find folks chatting in the parking lot.

We found out that Puny is seeing Joe Joe Guthrie – that sounds like a good match.

Cynthia and Father Tim had a difficult talk. Not much was said, but they are talking. Now, if only we could get rid of that blasted Andrew!

That’s four more chapters. I like the way the Mitford books work. Small bits of time for things that often don’t seem all the important. But that is so much of life. The daily living and fellowship and friendship and duties that all add up to a complete and full life.

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