End 08 Great – Conquer the Clutter

I came across Happy To Be At Home and they are having a great second half of 2008 challenge.

July was Conquer the Clutter

I’ll take credit for my work in June to clean out the nephew’s room after he went home for the summer. I took a large trash bag up there, threw out or gave away trash and toys. I also took the storage containers out of his room (fewer hiding places). Then this past weekend we also had him empty the boxes out of the closet to that room into the quiet room. That’s a lot of clutter conquering. (We won’t talk about the quiet room.) I tend to conquer clutter once a month in the main living areas. It’s those rooms with closed doors that get out of control.

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  1. Aren’t these ideas excellent? I love your picture in your header. Hope you have a restful night, my day has just started here….

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