End 08 Great – Face Time with the Kids

Here is the August entry

August was the month the nephew came back so this was easy!

Connor came back on Saturday August 23rd. He spent the night with Anthony at the Clash of the Clergy where our pastor and others were racing. We started home school the next Monday and spent time together shopping that night. The next weekend was Labor Day weekend. His brother came up and we spent Friday night at GameStop where he picked out his birthday gift. Then we spent Saturday around the house so he could play his new game. Then we had dinner with friends (for all ages) Saturday night and went to an indoor pool for a few hours on Monday. Plus, Monday was Connor’s 14th birthday. We went out for lunch after the pool and then met up with their dad for dinner at his choice of restaurant (Hooter’s).

All told, it was a great weekend. This weekend would have been another opportunity with the Roman Army Festival. But Hurricane Hannah threatened and the Festival was cancelled. So, he’ll go spend the weekend with his dad and brothers – which is even better.

Some suggestions from the Challenge post:

Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • Take the afternoon off with your children. Begin with a picnic lunch, either at a park or just in your backyard. Then spend some time lying on the picnic blanket watching clouds, telling stories, or reading books out loud.
  • Build something with your children. Maybe a sand castle, an outdoor fort or even an indoor tent. When the building process is over, keep playing with them.
  • Let the children see you throw away your to-do list for the day. Then, turn to them and say, “I don’t want to work today. What do you want to do instead?” Then, try to be accommodating, within reason of course.
  • Do something to make your kids feel extra special. Spell out their name in pancake batter, cut their sandwiches into fun shapes, let them stay up a little later and do something fun with mom or dad.
  • Take your children on a one on one “date.” This could be something as simple as a trip alone to the library with mom, or a $1 ice cream at McDonalds.
  • Have a family slumber party. Bring out the sleeping bags and smores and camp out in the living room for a night of flashlight fun.
  • And there were lots of links for inspiration in Joy’s Super Surfing Saturday post this week too.
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  1. Krista says:

    Hey Laura….take him to the Greek Festival this weekend instead…it’s still going on as far as I know!

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