HM Something New!

Planning your homeschool is a lot of fun, especially if you’re going to be trying something new. Just like finding a shiny new penny you’re excited to use it.

Since we just started, everything we are using is new. For today’s meme, I’ll talk about the newest item, it just arrived today! I have grammar, math, vocabulary, and even logic curriculum. For history we are doing the Ancients this year. My plan was to use Kingfisher as the history spine and have him outline, write essays, and keep a timeline based on the Kingfisher pages. I don’t have the time to monitor that and he doesn’t have the motivation to go off on his own to do research. I was really feeling like I needed to find an alternative, when I spied a blog where the 9th grader was going to be using TRISMS. Since I follow these curriculum links like it is compulsive, I found myself poking around the site, which had a banner advertising that their Ancient History package was selling for 1/2 price. It looked like it covered the right stuff but with worksheets to give him an idea what to look for in topics like art, music, architecture, geography, and more. I took the plunge and ordered it (for 1/2 off!).

I spent some time after work today reviewing the materials and making a few notes. I have divider labels so I can find the different worksheets and created a document for the Unit where I can list the things he is supposed to look up (the art, music, and architecture worksheets are blank so I need to tell him to look at cave paintings, what Jubal did (father of all who play lyre and pipe [Gen 5], and the ark). I’m looking forward to starting on this tomorrow.

Title: Discovering the Ancient World

Author: Sally Barnard, Linda Thornhill

Publisher: TRISMS, Inc.

Edition: 2001

Book summary: The package includes a User’s Manual which includes the unit study guide and assignment descriptions, the Student Pack of looseleaf worksheets, and an Answer Key.

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2 Responses to HM Something New!

  1. Kimberly says:

    Wow, you just have it all organized and together! AWESOME!!!

  2. Phyllis says:

    I hope you enjoy it! We’ve got 2 weeks under our belts now, and I think he’s doing quite well. He enjoys the research and filling in questionnaires, though I’m forcing him to do it without the internet which adds a new challenge.

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