Finances shaping up…

but not because of anything I’ve done.

I followed one of those internet links to get an estimate for how much life insurance for Anthony would cost. That lead to sales calls and emails from the company to get us to sign up for something. While it was annoying, it was the push we needed. (The company is called Matrix Direct so the first time we saw it on the caller ID we joked that Neo was calling). I got on the phone and answered the questions to get a more substantial quote. Then Chris (not Neo) said he would email and mail an application for us to review and to let him know if we wanted to move forward. This is where I would have dropped it. But the nurse who had to do the physical called Anthony and set up an appointment for Wed (9/10). That meant I had to pull the application out of the envelope, review it, complete it, and get Anthony to sign it 7 or 8 places.

So, without any real initiative of our own, we have one piece of our finances fixed up already!

I wonder if the rest of the month will be this easy!

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