Honey do’s around the house

One of the things we needed done around the house was replacing the batteries in the fire alarms. The one in the bedroom was already down thanks to Fay. Then this weekend I woke up at 3am to hear another beep in the house. It took me a while to decide if it was the downstairs or upstairs alarm, then I got upstairs to find out we have a fire/smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm right beside each other so I had to guess which one was beeping. I took the battery out, came downstairs and got back in bed, and then realized I had made the wrong choice as the carbon monoxide alarm beeped again. So, back upstairs to remove that battery.

Anthony came home to find 2 fire alarms and 3 batteries on the counter, along with the 6 new 9-volt batteries I bought Sunday. Today he enlisted Connor (or did I sign Connor up?) to help him get new batteries in and reinstall all on the proper ceilings. Here are some pictures I captured as they were finishing up.

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