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We left off with the dinner party that Father Tim held for his dearest friends. He was weary but content.

Today we start with the appraiser returning and finally giving the welcome news that the painting is not a Vermeer. This scene accurately captures so many instances where the “good” news is not welcome to those who can see the worldly results that would come from it. Then Miss Sadie turns around and makes an announcement even better!

I love how much attention Father Tim puts into preparing for the vestry meeting to discuss Miss Sadie’s gift. Interesting how it is so appealing in this scene, but seems unnecessary when I’m rushing to get to and through a deacon meeting.

We learn there is a new neighbor coming. Just a little comment the first time you read the book, but I’ve read these books before so I know she’ll turn out to be someone real special.

Now, on to meet Dooley. Oh, we get a nice visit with Uncle Billy first. At first it seems interesting and out of place that so many mundane things get brought to a pastor. But where we need to remember that God is sovereign over everything and that we should abide in Christ at all times, it makes more sense that nothing is separate.

Oh, Puny has taken over caring for his house. Uncle Billy is taken care of and now we know he can draw amazing pictures. Boy, Puny and Dooley a heck of a first meeting. Luckily Dooley and Barnabas have a better time of it that day. (But who broke the lock to the Chapel?)

Now Andrew and Father Tim are reading to one another. This reminds me, I want to start making time for Connor and I to read to one another. Maybe something like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and some poetry. I always loved to read so I got left alone alot and enjoyed it. Connor is learning that he likes to read as well, but I think we could both use some out-loud together time.

Dooley has his first horse-ride. I had a pony when I was little. My dad wanted to live on a farm so we did, cows, horse, poney, lots and lots of land, and two gardens. What I remember of it was wonderful, but Dad realized the Country Club life was more for him. Anthony came up with a real romantic Valentine’s Day idea last year and took me to ride horses with a friend of his from work. There were some other horses in a neighboring pasture that kept running and I discovered that I am very much afraid of heights when I’m on a horses back. I was happy to get off and then watch the farrier replace a shoe on one of the horses.

Father Tim talking to Hal about the building committee. And this is a committee that is starting out with enough money. I’m on one now where we are still raising the money, plus waiting for the town to get it in gear. I was also on the last pastor search committee, not sure why I keep letting myself get into these things.

The scene delivering the calf is interesting. Tonight at dinner Connor mentioned he might be interested in being a vet. Good timing as Anthony will be taking our cat for the annual physical next week. I wonder if he’d be interested in the farm animal kind or stick to cats and dogs?

Ah, end of chapter 8 and time to get some work done around here. It is nice to be back in Mitford.

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