Where does the time go?

I had big plans for this past week. Time to see how I did.

The budget meeting went well. Plus, I finished my Negotiation book for class, as well as my homework. That was a given, the homework always has to be finished.

For the other plans, I did at least check out The Grand Weaver so when I finally have time, it will be here on my desk. I also picked up At Home in Mitford and then didn’t have any time to read it until today. I decided to pick it up and start, I only have to read 8 chapters for now.

I was immediately reminded why I love these books when Father Tim starts with the prayer “Father, make me a blessing to someone today, through Christ our Lord. Amen”. What a wonderful way to start the day and one I don’t do often enough.

Then we meet the dog. I know a Great Dane that loves to greet with kisses and can slobber quite well. I can relate to Father Tim wanting to run away but then being won over by the loyalty of the dog.

I got to page 18 and it talked about the produce that The Local puts out. That reminds me, I have some very good Granny Smith apples… I’m back now with a sliced apple.

Ah, Barnabas has his name now and we’ve learned that he can be controlled by Scripture. Would that I had the same reaction. Of course, Baranabas, when not under control of Scripture, can be quite a handful.

Moving along to the dubious gift. The warden has the whole town convinced that the church now has a painting worth a whole lot of money. I like Father Tim’s confidence that he will be led to act in the best interest of all concerned. Page 35 has the vestry planning to spend the money on a steel columbarium painted to look like walnut. I bet the first time I read this I skipped over that work. This year our church has actually considered the pros and cons of acquiring a columbarium since we have so few spaces left in our cemetery. The session decided we would not pursue one for various reasons, but at least I now know what a columbarium is.

Here’s a reference to the Land of Counterpane. Reading this by the computer is so convenient. But, it’s time to go to handbells and I’ve only made it through chapter 4. I’ll pick this up later!

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