Back to Mitford

I began my reading of Mitford here. Then read another 4 chapters here.

So, let’s dive into chapter 9 and see who we meet. Harold asked for Emma’s hand in marriage – very suitable. Then Olivia delivered her sad news and found a purpose for her final days. I assume Miss Sadie’s insurance questions got handled. That night we meet Cynthia, because Barnabas has chased her cat up a tree, not the best introduction but things are still looking good.

She comes to borrow sugar the next day and the visit is great but disastrous as well. At least it’s honest. And now Dooley has been in some fight at school. Now the mayor has called and put him in charge of officating next summer’s Festival of Roses.

Ah ha! Here is my favorite quote from KJV Psalm 68:19 Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. The NIV version is quite different: Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.

Both are wonderful, and bearing our burdens is a great benefit, but they just seem so different.

On with the book, we have a mystery of the disappearing sandwich and wine. Now death and birth come closely together. Time for Uncle Billy’s art show. The art show was a hit! More food missing from the church kitchen. And Cynthia cooks as well as I do. I too tend to walk away and find something else to do for “just a minute” which doesn’t work well with timed cooking.

Oh, we’re worried about Hoppy, he seems to be finding happiness with Olivia, but we know she’s dying and we don’t want Hoppy to be hurt again.

I’m back, I made up a small salad to eat.

Well, mystery at the church is growing. Now Father Tim has found real jewels hidden in one of the urns in the columbarium closet (guess that explains the ashes in the garden earlier). Then he had a strange encounter with a traveling business man who had stopped in at the church. Now Father Tim has the jewels and his lackluster sermons bothering him.

He spoke with Olivia and her illness and Hoppy. Now he has to tell Hoppy after Christmas. And we learned a bit more about Dooley’s mother and siblings. Dooley’s grandfather has pneumonia and is in the hospital, so Dooley is staying with Father Tim for Christmas.

And now Dooley got his new bicycle for Christmas and has run away! And his mother’s trailer is moved so we can’t find him.

Ah, Dooley is back. And the jewels are gone from the urn. And Hoppy knows about Olivia.

This has been a very busy 4 chapters. Time to get a few things done so the next 4 will have to wait till another day.

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What works for me in the bathroom

A few weeks ago I heard a radio commercial for the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. I hate to admit that I am this lazy, but we have not managed to keep the shower as clean as I would like. The thought of something we could both do as we get out of the shower and have it work on the walls and corners sounded good to me. I picked it up and Anthony installed it.

It has actually done a pretty good job. The shower actually looked worse before it started to look better. I liked it enough to buy refills this weekend. The glass is looking better, the walls always looked good, the corners are staying clean better.

While I was shopping, I also picked up the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel. This was not a success. The scent was too strong (we could smell it out in the bedroom) and it didn’t help avoid the grime ring that we get every 2 days due to sediment in our water. So, I scrubbed away the leftover gel and we’ll go back to the swish and swipe of Flylady.

One tip I picked up a few months ago when I was looking back into Flylady, keep a bottle of cheap shampoo near the toilet and just use a bit to get some soap in when you swish the toilet bowl brush around. This works very well, but find a shampoo that doesn’t have a strong scent.

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BFS #103

I missed a few Blogger Friend School assignments. It isn’t a feed and I got busy so I forgot to go look.

I’ll just pick up with this week’s assignment.

Memory Verse: 1 Timothy 4:15 (NIV)

Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.
The assignment is to describe how I keep energized to get the neverending housekeeping done. I have a low tolerance level for some things so frustration energizes me for things like dishes sitting around the sink. I also manage my own clutter pretty well, but sometimes other people’s clutter starts to get out of hand. I have a few playlists on our music server that I’ll turn on to get some energy going and then I’ll just blast at it. I can get stuff cleaned up, thrown out, put away, or washed in pretty short order with some good tunes going.
That works best, of course, when there is no one else around. Because the tunes playing and occasional water running makes conversation difficult.
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More of Mitford

We left off with the dinner party that Father Tim held for his dearest friends. He was weary but content.

Today we start with the appraiser returning and finally giving the welcome news that the painting is not a Vermeer. This scene accurately captures so many instances where the “good” news is not welcome to those who can see the worldly results that would come from it. Then Miss Sadie turns around and makes an announcement even better!

I love how much attention Father Tim puts into preparing for the vestry meeting to discuss Miss Sadie’s gift. Interesting how it is so appealing in this scene, but seems unnecessary when I’m rushing to get to and through a deacon meeting.

We learn there is a new neighbor coming. Just a little comment the first time you read the book, but I’ve read these books before so I know she’ll turn out to be someone real special.

Now, on to meet Dooley. Oh, we get a nice visit with Uncle Billy first. At first it seems interesting and out of place that so many mundane things get brought to a pastor. But where we need to remember that God is sovereign over everything and that we should abide in Christ at all times, it makes more sense that nothing is separate.

Oh, Puny has taken over caring for his house. Uncle Billy is taken care of and now we know he can draw amazing pictures. Boy, Puny and Dooley a heck of a first meeting. Luckily Dooley and Barnabas have a better time of it that day. (But who broke the lock to the Chapel?)

Now Andrew and Father Tim are reading to one another. This reminds me, I want to start making time for Connor and I to read to one another. Maybe something like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and some poetry. I always loved to read so I got left alone alot and enjoyed it. Connor is learning that he likes to read as well, but I think we could both use some out-loud together time.

Dooley has his first horse-ride. I had a pony when I was little. My dad wanted to live on a farm so we did, cows, horse, poney, lots and lots of land, and two gardens. What I remember of it was wonderful, but Dad realized the Country Club life was more for him. Anthony came up with a real romantic Valentine’s Day idea last year and took me to ride horses with a friend of his from work. There were some other horses in a neighboring pasture that kept running and I discovered that I am very much afraid of heights when I’m on a horses back. I was happy to get off and then watch the farrier replace a shoe on one of the horses.

Father Tim talking to Hal about the building committee. And this is a committee that is starting out with enough money. I’m on one now where we are still raising the money, plus waiting for the town to get it in gear. I was also on the last pastor search committee, not sure why I keep letting myself get into these things.

The scene delivering the calf is interesting. Tonight at dinner Connor mentioned he might be interested in being a vet. Good timing as Anthony will be taking our cat for the annual physical next week. I wonder if he’d be interested in the farm animal kind or stick to cats and dogs?

Ah, end of chapter 8 and time to get some work done around here. It is nice to be back in Mitford.

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Honey do’s around the house

One of the things we needed done around the house was replacing the batteries in the fire alarms. The one in the bedroom was already down thanks to Fay. Then this weekend I woke up at 3am to hear another beep in the house. It took me a while to decide if it was the downstairs or upstairs alarm, then I got upstairs to find out we have a fire/smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm right beside each other so I had to guess which one was beeping. I took the battery out, came downstairs and got back in bed, and then realized I had made the wrong choice as the carbon monoxide alarm beeped again. So, back upstairs to remove that battery.

Anthony came home to find 2 fire alarms and 3 batteries on the counter, along with the 6 new 9-volt batteries I bought Sunday. Today he enlisted Connor (or did I sign Connor up?) to help him get new batteries in and reinstall all on the proper ceilings. Here are some pictures I captured as they were finishing up.

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What’s on my nightstand

My nightstand is empty (the cat complains when I put stuff there, he routinely pushes my alarm clock off, usually at 3am). But the table behind my desk is overflowing in book goodness!

I have At Home in Mitford that I’m reading for 3 Moms Book Nook. I’m currently 4 chapters behind in that, but tonight is looking promising.

I have Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias to be read and reviewed along with 5 Minutes for Books. That is due next week, things aren’t looking real promising, but we’ll see.

Then the books I’m stacking up for the Fall Into Reading 2008. Battling Unbelief by John Piper, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa Terkeurst with Proverbs 31 Ministries and The 7 Hardest Things God Asks a Woman to Do by Kathie Reimer and Lisa Whittle.

I haven’t pulled out The Iliad yet, but the time is growing near.

Then I got a stack of Elizabeth Goudge books from the library. I want to start with Green Dolphin Street. Debbie’s Idea suggests starting with The Little White Horse but I don’t have it.

I did finish Getting to Yes for negotiation class and hope to write up a summary of that for the blog. I also have How to Write a Business Plan sitting here for me to pull some tips from for our class project. It’s been sitting here for almost 3 weeks. Time to either get it done or renew it.

For pure reading pleasure, I have Cold Service by Robert B. Parker and Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey ($0.25 at the library!).

As you can see, I was spoiled by the summer schedule and I am still in denial that Connor and I are both back in school.

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Fall Into Reading

Here is a challenge I can get into.

Fall Into Reading

Fall Into Reading

All I have to do is make a list of books of books that I plan to read this fall (between Sept 22 and Dec 20). Then check back in around December 21 and tell how I did reaching my goal.

You can join the challenge too! Just click on the image above or the one in my sidebar. Even if you don’t join, you can see what others are reading.

My list for this fall:

Battling Unbelief by John Piper. This is the book we’re using for our devotions at the women’s beach retreat in November.

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa Terkeurst with Proverbs 31 Ministries

The 7 Hardest Things God Asks a Woman to Do by Kathie Reimer and Lisa Whittle

Something by Elizabeth Goudge

The Iliad. Because I won’t ask Connor to read a book I’ve never read. (I will ask him to do other things I’ve never done, especially where math and science are concerned.)

I’ll report back with book reviews and thoughts.

Happy reading!

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Where does the time go?

I had big plans for this past week. Time to see how I did.

The budget meeting went well. Plus, I finished my Negotiation book for class, as well as my homework. That was a given, the homework always has to be finished.

For the other plans, I did at least check out The Grand Weaver so when I finally have time, it will be here on my desk. I also picked up At Home in Mitford and then didn’t have any time to read it until today. I decided to pick it up and start, I only have to read 8 chapters for now.

I was immediately reminded why I love these books when Father Tim starts with the prayer “Father, make me a blessing to someone today, through Christ our Lord. Amen”. What a wonderful way to start the day and one I don’t do often enough.

Then we meet the dog. I know a Great Dane that loves to greet with kisses and can slobber quite well. I can relate to Father Tim wanting to run away but then being won over by the loyalty of the dog.

I got to page 18 and it talked about the produce that The Local puts out. That reminds me, I have some very good Granny Smith apples… I’m back now with a sliced apple.

Ah, Barnabas has his name now and we’ve learned that he can be controlled by Scripture. Would that I had the same reaction. Of course, Baranabas, when not under control of Scripture, can be quite a handful.

Moving along to the dubious gift. The warden has the whole town convinced that the church now has a painting worth a whole lot of money. I like Father Tim’s confidence that he will be led to act in the best interest of all concerned. Page 35 has the vestry planning to spend the money on a steel columbarium painted to look like walnut. I bet the first time I read this I skipped over that work. This year our church has actually considered the pros and cons of acquiring a columbarium since we have so few spaces left in our cemetery. The session decided we would not pursue one for various reasons, but at least I now know what a columbarium is.

Here’s a reference to the Land of Counterpane. Reading this by the computer is so convenient. But, it’s time to go to handbells and I’ve only made it through chapter 4. I’ll pick this up later!

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I’ve started a new blog

I’m just blog happy this week. When I started blogging I wasn’t sure what I would do. The blog was at least a vehicle for homeschool information and anything else I came up with. Now I have a different view and I’m using this blog for a lot more stuff than I expected. I decided to create a new blog to highlight the homeschool things and keep this one for other personal stuff.

The new blog for the homeschool is here!

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Preamble to the Constitution

This is pretty cool. I thought I’d share it with you!

(HD) A More Perfect Union from Andrew Sloat on Vimeo.

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