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What’s on my nightstand in Jan?

What am I reading now? I have checked out Les Miserables for the Classics Bookclub in March. I also have Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton. Maybe another LM Montgomery book for something fun. I am listening to Oswald Chambers: … Continue reading

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Mega Memory Month – progress

I only have one more week. My original goal was Psalm 103 and the hymn Praise to the Lord, the Almighty. I must report that I am woefully behind. I can’t say it’s because I’m lazy, I have gotten up … Continue reading

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New Me Week 4

Time flies. This week went really well, considering I missed a few days. The facts: I missed Monday and Friday, completely. No Egoscue, no cardio, no strength training. Eating was fair but only because I don’t have crap in the … Continue reading

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New Me week 3

I forgot to post yesterday. I had a good week. Activity: I did Egoscue, strength training and some form of cardio 5 days out of 7. Thursday got away from me and I almost missed Friday but when dinner plans … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Chunky!

I do realize the humor of having this post follow my New Me Challenge update post. But while I am getting rid of some of the chunk, I am rising to the challenge of chunk in a different area. I … Continue reading

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The New Me, week 2

I had a very good week! I did my Egoscue, SparkPeople Bootcamp strength training and cardio (elliptical or yoga) every single day (except Sunday, my day of rest, when I ring quartet handbells and normal handbells covering 2 positions – … Continue reading

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Mega Memory Challenge

I’m joining the MMM of January with Tim Challies’ Scripture Memorization and the Hymn Memorization. For Tim Challies’ challenge, I should have Psalm 103 memorized by Jan 11. It’s going to take a bit longer since I haven’t started working … Continue reading

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Hamlet – The Classics Bookshelf

The January 6 entry for Classics Bookclub is Hamlet. I downloaded this copy from Project Gutenberg to the Kindle to read. I also used this version which has a modern translation to the right. I’ve read Hamlet in school and … Continue reading

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The New Me – Jan 5, 2009

This is my first update. I’ll use this to catch up from December 15. My goals: Egoscue 6 days a week; yoga or other exercise 4 or 5 days a week; no white powders in my diet. Stats for week … Continue reading

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LM Montgomery – Pat of Silver Bush

I finished Pat of Silver Bush today. As expected, I cried a few times. It was so nice to be back on PEI. I loved Judy with her ould country speech, her many stories, and her love for Pat. The … Continue reading

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