B Ugh, blockages. And I don’t mean writer’s block. I’m talking that small bowel obstruction that has changed my life so drastically the past 3 months. I sort of complained about how often I had to empty my ileostomy bag before, but since nothing gets through to the bag and the only way out for all those stomach juices is up, I find myself yearning for the days of pulling into a convenience store so I could run in and empty my bag. Now I travel with a pitcher and zip-loc bags.

What I find interesting is as bad as things are, if we do chemo or make some other change, things get worse and suddenly what was terrible yesterday doesn’t seem all that bad compared to how terrible things are today. But I’ve learned that if I’m patient and just keep getting through the day, then things will change a little bit and maybe get closer to how they were yesterday or the day before or last week. Or I’ll just get used to the new normal. There’s a lot of that going on these days.


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  1. Brilliant quote about getting through bad days and the success rate being 100%. I love that!

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