E As you may have picked up by now, death is a very important topic for me now. We all “know” we could die at any time, but I’ve been given a limit, and it isn’t sometime 20 or 30 years from now. It may even be this year. I’m thinking about it differently. I claim to be a Christian, which is a religion that sees death as a doorway to going to our final home, a final rest not meaning we quit doing anything, but that we quit striving in vain. This kind of diagnosis makes you stop and find out if you really believe what you say you believe.

Is there a heaven and eternal life for believers? Is there a God? Am I saved? All of these need to be answered. If the answer is no, and death is just ceasing to exist, so be it, but at least grasp that is what you believe.

I have found my faith strengthened since the diagnosis in April, 2015. By reading the Word and other books, by encouragement from fellow believers, by searching my thoughts and seeing if logical conclusions are still logical. My prayer life is more rich than it has ever been. I also see my dependence on God more clearly. I find it easy to see my blessings and be grateful for so many ways God has and is providing for me.

I do believe in the resurrection of the dead and that Christ was the first fruits. I will live eternally in Christ’s presence, and I will be pain free, defect free, sin free. I will be the pinnacle of what God created me to be physically, emotionally, spiritually. God is good, and He is calling me home.

Other thoughts

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Death is God’s enemy

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