R Everyone who knows me knows that I love reading. I created a page on this blog listing books I’ve read and that I recommend (I’ve read a lot more that I wouldn’t bother reading again).

Reading can be an escape, it can introduce you to new concepts, it can challenge your prejudices and assumptions, it can educate you. Reading stimulates my imagination as I see the people and places described in the book.

I’m not against movie versions, but I usually prefer spending time with a book. I’ve had times during the past year that I was too tired to read, or at least too tired to read something new. Rereads are a perfectly valid activity and I have some that I’ve enjoyed rereading this year.

I’ve also read a lot of new books on suffering and cancer, of course. There are some good ones out there. Todd Billings and Kara Tippets have been very useful, as well as Joni Eareckson Tada.

Blog posts by RC Sproul, Jr, have been helpful in imagining what things will be like for Anthony when I’m gone.

I’ve started giving away some of my books. I have to stop sometimes and remember Anthony may want some of these to stay around. 🙂 Nan gets all my Guy Gavriel Kay books, a shared love! Charlotte got all the Dorothy Gilman and tons of homeschool ambitions for Caisson and biographies for Leonard. Edie is trying out some Robert B Parker and took Maisie Dobbs. Maybe Don will take all the Dave Duncan books. I have a few to send to Karen in Colorado. It’s kind of fun trying to match my eclectic reading habits to my different friends.

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