Death, thou shalt die

D Easter Sunday, Pastor Lee preached on 1 Corinthians 15 using the movie Wit as a way to grasp these verses and why they matter. (spoiler alert for the movie)

This is an interesting chapter in the Bible. Paul is answering the question someone may ask “what if it isn’t true”. And we should think about that. What if it isn’t? See my post from March about doubts. We all probably have the thought at some point. And Paul admits that if it isn’t true, then we are to be pitied. But he really means, everyone is to be pitied because there is no hope for believers or people who could become believers.

But – what a beautiful word in the Bible. Paul says it is terrible and sad if it isn’t true. BUT IT IS TRUE and that is a beautiful truth that makes all the difference. Christ is risen from the dead, and because He is, we will be too. We will live again. Death is not the end, not the final word, just the final enemy to be conquered by our savior and redeemer.

Read this chapter in 1 Corinthians today and be comforted.


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