Home healthcare

H I have a new respect for home healthcare. First for my mom when she got out of rehab, and then for me as I started TPN and got a PICC line.

Mom had Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. It was so much more aggressive and useful here at home than what they were willing to risk at the rehab center. They had her walking and using her arm and doing daily exercises and really encouraged her to get mobile and self sufficient again.

Then for me, they change my dressings on the port and PICC, they take blood for lab work, and just make sure I’m really doing ok here at home. Plus they ship my TPN and fluids and supplies right to the house every week. The week we traveled to Florida, they worked with me to get the right amount of supplies ready and had a shipment waiting for me here at home until we got back on the usual schedule. When things become more complicated, it is so nice to have people willing to work with me to make it successful.

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