C Ah chemo. A poison that slowly kills. But hopefully kills the bad stuff before it kills the good stuff. And we choose to put it into our bodies.

Every product comes with a list of side effects which the majority of people will never experience. With chemo you will experience some of them and maybe even some that aren’t on the list. It becomes the new game – which side effect(s) will I see this time. And it isn’t even like every time you get the same chemo you get the same side effects. It changes, just to keep you guessing.

The first chemo I was on doesn’t cause hair loss, so I lost my hair (granted, my nutritional deficiencies may have contributed, but others have reported losing their hair with that chemo even though it is advertise that you don’t). But then the new chemo I switched to in 2016 my hair stayed thick where it’s growing back. (Of course, I only had 3 treatments of that chemo.)

There is a reason immune system and other avenues are being researched. And why alternative therapies are used. Chemo is just no fun. For someone who has a limited # of treatments and a stopping point where hopefully the cancer is in remission, it may feel different. But I was told I would be on maintenance chemo the rest of my life and the cancer or the chemo will kill me. That means the side effects never stop being a factor.

Weakness and fatigue don’t sound that bad until you can’t get up for a solid week.

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  1. Hi hope you fine now. Afflicted goes through a lot during this phase and this is what I’ve read about the patients. Glad that you shared something personal on your space.
    Best wishes always

  2. Fascinating post about a fascinating (and unfortunate) situation. My very best wishes to you, Laura. Hope the A to Z Challenge is lifting your spirits and bringing you to many engaging posts. Thank you so very much for visiting mine. 🙂

    Julie Valerie #1613 (this week) on the ever-changing A to Z Challenge list
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  3. Jerimi says:

    To put none to fine a point on it, chemo is a bitch. My husband had 27 weeks of it – 7 cycles, last year. Then he had 7 weeks of radiation. Six surgeries. We finally finished in early March of this year, when they removed his port-a-cath. I have nothing but deep compassion for you. I can’t imagine the endurance the road ahead of you will call for. I hope you have strong support all around you. Sending love and light.

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