X-rays and other scans

X Other than dental x-rays and mammograms, I have rarely had any scans for the rest of me. But getting cancer changes all kinds of things. I started with a CT scan. Then while in the hospital I had a PET scan and of course ultrasound with the paracentesis and thoracentesis. I’ve had more CT scans since then to monitor progress of the treatment. Many people with cancer dream of hearing the words No Evidence of Disease (NED). I was always looking for No Evidence of Progression of Disease. It isn’t going to go away, but we did at least stop it in its tracks for awhile.

The most embarrassing CT scan was new year’s at Presby main ER. I was nauseous, that’s why I was at the ER. I didn’t insist on a bucket and I yacked all over the CT machine when it was over. I had another CT scan the last day of March and they decided I didn’t need to drink the stuff, just the IV with the contrast dye. It still got a bit dicey for a few seconds, but mind over matter worked, and I had my pitcher in my hand when I sat up, just in case.

I have learned that having a CT scan at an imaging center costs under $1000, but having it at the hospital can cost over $3000. I taught my oncologist to schedule at the imaging center instead of the hospital. I’m costing the insurance company lots of money, and this is an easy way to avoid the hospital and save some money.


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