W My wedding was 23 years ago in January in Brooklyn, NY. We hadn’t found a home church, so we were married by a Justice of the Peace at the courthouse, who was a southern black woman. What a comforting accent for the wedding vows!

Anthony’s brother and sister came up and my boss/friend from work Aileen let me use her apartment to get ready. Mom, Aileen, Christine, and I walked to the courthouse a little behind Anthony, David, Dad, and Jim. David did a good job trying to keep Anthony from looking at me in my dress.

The ceremony went well and then we walked back to the Promenade for pictures. With the cold wind blowing right in that slit in the back of my dress. In most pictures Anthony has his hand covering that slit, but I think I was still pretty blue with cold. I was busy holding David’s tie down so it didn’t slap me in the face. Dad never took his overcoat off. Probably smartest of the bunch.



Last year I got to go to the wedding of a good friend (I enjoy being friends with the mom and the daughter). This photo is of my Circle of Grace at the wedding. The funny part is that in the back ground you can see the bride and groom for the wedding coming up in May. Our church intern Jim, who has been living with us forever, is marrying one of the sweetest girls I know. He is going to treat her right, and we are so happy for them.


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