Yes, I’m stressed

Y My employer used to have a Wellness test every year to check how you were doing. Some of it was physical test results, some of it was mental. My least favorite was the stress test. It would list stressful circumstances and ask how many applied to you. And then it would declare you were stressed and should work on that. End of test.

I always hated that. I can’t change my circumstances without retreating from living. I didn’t do anything wrong that led to my father dying from lung cancer, or my employer being stupid about firing people all the time and setting unreachable targets, or the economy tanking. That’s part of living, life is full of stressful circumstances. Deal with it.

But the test never asked if I had coping mechanisms in place. Did I exercise, did I have religious beliefs that helped, did I have a support network of friends. That’s what it should have been testing me on. How to cope with stress, not whether I have stress.

If you don’t have any stress, you are not living a full life. The question is not if you have stress or not. (Although some types of stress you do have control over and maybe should reduce.) The question is how are you balancing your life to handle the stress in your life. Here is a post with some biblical ways to deal with stress.

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  1. Karen Hunter says:

    I always hated those tests.

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