Landing Page for 31 Days of Writing

I’ve joined a cult I think. It’s a group of people who decide to write every day for the 31 days of October 🙂

I’m going to try to do the same, so this is my landing page where I will add all the posts I create for this project. It looks to be fun. And I may just spend too much time reading all the other people who are doing this and never get around to my own.

I thought at first it was more like the “we send you a word and you write about it” but it is much more free form than that, which is nice.

But I did want something to give me a point to write every day so I found the 5 Minutes of Free Writes

My button for the series – Just Keep Moving – God is faithful but we have to sometimes just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving in faith that He knows what He is doing.






This is the five minute free writes list of topics for the month. I’ll try to follow it pretty closely. It will work out well I think.









Links to posts as this moves along!

  1. calling
  2. Friday
  3. capture
  4. embrace
  5. home
  6. possible
  7. love
  8. purple
  9. Friday
  10. ready
  11. rest
  12. storm
  13. patience
  14. fly
  15. laugh
  16. Friday
  17. offer
  18. worth
  19. honor
  20. temporary
  21. wave
  22. value
  23. Friday
  24. silence
  25. crash
  26. whisper
  27. perhaps
  28. hope
  29. sea
  30. Friday
  31. almost
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